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The Drip – [by Seth Godin]

Change, real change, is the result of focused persistence.

It's easy to get a bunch of people sort of excited for a little while.

The challenging part, and the reason that change doesn't happen as often as it should is that we get distracted. Today's urgent is more urgent than yesterday's important.

The concept of breaking news and the crisis of the day proves my point. If the world ended every time Wolf Blitzer implied it would, we would have been toast a long time ago. The organizations that actually change things are the ones that have a time horizon that's longer than 36 hours.

There are very few overnight successes. Very few entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits, candidates, spiritual leaders, activists or people in a successful relationship that got there with thunder and lighting. It happens with a drip.

PS this post is intentionally disfigured in honor of Break the Internet. I'm annoyed that we have to continually fight this fight, but it just proves my point. Drip by drip.

Keep showing up. If it matters, keep showing up.

Thanks Seth, for showing up. For inspiring us to show up.​

Notes On Leading with Vision & Values

​Self Awareness is one of four Aspects of Leadership. Leading from Vision & Values is a competence of Self Awareness.   

Definition of Integrity:

  • Adhering to your Values.
  • Quality of being trustworthy.

What people look for in their leaders?

1. Someone who leads from their values.

2. Someone who shares an inspiring vision of the future.

Be clear on your values.

Share your values.

Let your values lead your vision.

Be relentless in pursuing your vision.

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