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The Idea.

            Small Business Expo.com is a resource for small business owners.  Armchair entrepreneurs can get insight and compare products and services they would need for their business.  It is designed to facilitate the starting of home bases business.  It provides a recommendation into the services that an entrepreneur should be utilizing.

 Why this idea is the best.

Any one who has started a business knows that it is hard.  An entrepreneur looking to start their own company basically has three paths.  The first is to work in Corporate America for several years to gain experience and then branch out into a niche that they identify.  The second is to buy a franchise and the third is to start a home business such as with a network marketing company or other small scale enterprise that they run in addition to their career.  This site provides resource to anyone who is interested in traveling any one of these paths.

The founders bring their own expertise from launching their own company.  They have provided a framework that other entrepreneurs can build from.  The site has four practical categories: Services, Equipments & Supplies, Software and Franchise & Opportunities.

For example, through this site a person can easily search through the services section and find a category for merchant accounts.  This one utility would allow any small business to charge for their services in a professional manner that will increase their revenue; charge.com claims the difference can be as high as 400%. 

The educational component is invaluable.  The website has business podcasts and webinars that would benefit entrepreneurs at all levels.  Specifically, the topic of education is marketed as the main benefit of many home based business ideas.  I think this would provide perspective that many arm-chair entrepreneurs are looking for and would be interested.

Google is the largest computer manufacturer in the world.


” . . . in order to meet the demands of search, handle the constant experiments the company ran, and accommodate the rapidly growing number of projects at Google other than search, the company had to basically reinvent the computer.  “Suddenly, you have a program that doesn’t run on anything smaller than a thousand machines,” says Barroso, codesigner of Google’s data centers.  “So you can’t look at that as a thousand machines, but instead look at thousand machines as a single computer.  I look at a data center as a computer.”

One building in a data center may have 45 containers holding 1,160 servers, arranged in a two-story setup.

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I have a new research toy.  This site will take any document (blog) and reduce it to it’s key themes.  I can think of several interesting applications for introspection and pre-reading documents.

This image is a wordle of my blog.  It is interesting that “Bloomberg var” (and any other financial term) doesn’t even make the list.

I think I might try this on a few of the academic articles I read to see what comes out of it.  Like I said, many interesting applications.

Here is another wordle I think is better.