Is there Sunshine In Your Soul Today?

Is there Sunshine In Your Soul Today?

By Rho Lall

I keep telling myself that I am going to start writing about "work related" management and team building. And here is another post that is going to appear to miss the mark, at least on the surface. I say that because team work (I hate to use the term management, but if I don't it will not be clear that I am talking about leadership in management) is about building teams as much as it is about getting work done.

Elder Holland spoke during the Saturday afternoon session of conference. I resonate with what he said because this is the conversation we should be having. Instead, I blurted out, "This is the greatest talk I have heard in a long time #Amen."




Elder Holland confessed that he feels guilty singing of “blessings which [God] gives me now” amidst the world’s staggering economic inequality. “That chorus cannot be fully, faithfully sung until we have honorably cared for the poor." We live in challenging times:


"These challenges can come from a lack in us, a lack in others, or just a lack in life, but whatever the reasons, we find they can rob us of songs we so much want to sing and darken the promise of “springtime in [the] soul” that Eliza Hewitt celebrates in one of her verses [“There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today,” Hymns, no. 227]"


When we have challenges at work I will often chime in, "First world problems." It is helpful to put things in perspective and remember the assets, advantages and good fortune we do have. I'm not saying to put on rose colored glasses and gloss over challenges, I'm saying we need to take them off.


We build teams when we acknowledge the individuals on those teams. When we hear their challenges (and are supportive) we foster a strong team environment. 



And Jesus listening can hear
The songs I cannot sing.

This comforting verse gets lost in an otherwise sunny, bouncy hymn. Just because your song can't be heard doesn't mean it's not there.  Just because it does't conform doesn't mean it doesn't have value.

I don't mean to demean first world problems. Many suffer from mental and emotional illness and other debilitating health limitations. They must not suffer in silence. Elder Holland says, 


“When we disparage our uniqueness or try to conform to fictitious stereotypes — stereotypes driven by an insatiable consumer culture and idealized beyond any possible realization by social media — we lose the richness of tone and timbre that God intended when He created a world of diversity.”


Never abandon the choir.


These quotes underscore the value diversity brings to teams. Just as a choir needs a harmony of different voices, so does any team. It isn't enough to recognize the value, it is important to acknowledge everyone's seat at the table. A survey of CEOs asked about their role said their job is to maximize shareholder value. We should take a wider perspective on who we consider shareholders, they include clients & employees in addition to those who hold ownership interest.

“You are unique and irreplaceable,” says Elder Holland. “The loss of even one voice diminishes every other singer in this great mortal choir of ours, including the loss of those who feel they are on the margins of society.”

“And someday I hope a great global chorus will harmonize across all racial and ethnic lines, declaring that guns, slurs and vitriol are not the way to deal with human conflict.”

“There is room for those who speak different languages, celebrate diverse cultures and live in a host of locations. There is room for the single, the married, for large families and for the childless. There is room for those who once had questions regarding their faith and room for those who still do. There is room for those with differing sexual attractions.


 A choir is a team, just like a SEAL team or . . .  your team. Never abandon the choir, the sentiment is the same. Teams are stronger than individuals. A united team of poor performers will outperform a talented individual.

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