Strand puts some points on the board TWD style in Episode 5 of FTWD!

Strand puts some points on the board TWD style in Episode 5 of FTWD!


Who is this guy? I’ll get to that, but first, can we talk about how Salazar killed it TWD style. From now on I’ll refer to him as ‘the barber’ because in this episode his craft takes on a whole new dimension. Now he is “the barber”, not unlike the designation “butcher” or how we referred to Gustavo Fringe as “Pollos”. Salazar put points on the board. I care about him. But why? We get some more of his story. I think that is part of it but, if that is true . . .


What about Strand?


Strand. WTF! Awesome. When we first meet him he is confined but, we learn he is anything but. Strand is badass in a way that doesn’t exist in reality like Heath Ledger’s Joker in Dark Knight. He just knows what’s up. Maybe he just knows himself. (And human nature.) The only person I can think of that approaches this level of personal mastery is Victor Frankel. Thoughts? Please share in the comments below.

What is TWD style? When you first met Daryl did you realize he was going to have a leading role? What about Carol? That’s a great part of the brand, you never know who is going to step up.

Strand is the new daryl dixon


Why did it take until episode 5, Cobalt, to finally get some points on the board?

If you took the walking dead wiki poll on FTWD and you are part of the majority who think FTWD is “absolutely amazing” I’d love to hear why in the comments below. Please. Enlighten me. I’m not looking to start a fight, I can appreciate people who think differently than I do and believe friends can have different ideas. 

At the end of episode 1, the pilot, the scene closes with a great feeling of dissonance where we know what is happening but, this poor family has no idea. The pilot is a solid first down. In episode two, So Close, Yet So Far, I am still looking for a reason to care. Any reason. Nothing. Borrowing the football reference again, the play was incomplete. I was hoping for a touchdown. Now I’m worried. I’m ok with not seeing a lot of zombies, but will I care once they do show up?

Episode 3, The Dog, the zombies show up. The episode starts with mom at home looking to protect her kids. Outside their neighbor has turned and is preying on his family before he comes looking for hers. If you didn’t notice in the last episode, these are not the same zombies from TWD. These skulls are fresh and don’t cave like withered pumpkins. The shotgun scene is on par with The Terminator, and Pollo’s death in Breaking Bad.


I say I still don’t care about this family but at the end of the show we meet Mr. Tran, Patrick. He has overcome all odds to get back home to his wife. He is unaware that in his absence she committed suicide. Our family rushes to aid as he unwittingly reaches out to embrace her. That scene was great. It gives me hope that if i can care for Mr. Tran I can care for this family.


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