Smart Excel Shortcuts


Smart Excel Shortcuts

It’s Saturday morning. For as long as I have been blogging my blogs have had different names but, one has lasted through the bunch, Assume Wisely. In college, I saw a tee-shirt that read, “Assume Responsibility.” I thought It said, “Assume Responsibly”. It was clever, one too many assumptions can be as bad as one too many drinks. It’s the type of humor an econ major would appreciate. Assume Wisely, is an extension of this idea, with an enlightened perspective. The concept is assumptions should be refined in libraries or places of meditation, not bars.


I have blogged under keyword targeted domains. Nothing really ever came of it. Now I am considering, I’m not going to keep up with more than one blog. Keeping both is not an option. Should I have two blogs?  Assume ResponsiblyI want to, but I really can’t split my focus. That has been my issue in the past, dividing my effort too many different ways. I need to focus like an arrow. Arrows are devastating because all their weight and momentum is focused on one point. The more you can focus the better.

I have to choose one.


Saturday afternoon (nap-time). I am leaning towards I have several reasons.

  1. AssumeResponcibility and assumeWisely don’t have any meaning other than to me. It’s a brand that doesn’t have any weight.
  2. There are roughly 33k searches for excel shortcuts. Even if there were comparable search volume for ‘assumptions’. What would they be looking for? Nothing I can help them with.
  3. Buzzsumo  is showing that this is content that is shared. I think it is a viable niche.
  4. I have done extensive research over the last two days looking for an alternative. I don’t see one in the excel search space.
  5. I like the clarity of having a domain name that matches the content of the blog. It is easier to search. It provides clarity of purpose, of why.
  6. Ranking on Google search is a key part of my strategy.
  7. But is should be third, the collective authority of the sites that rank for the search, ” excel shortcuts” is low.

I am working my way through Pat Flynn’s backlink strategy. As I review the resources he shares I will share my thought here relative to the info market for excel shortcuts.

Saturday night. Just came back from the pool and the family is watching Bob the Builder before we go on a Jammy (pajama) walk. We take night time walks before the kids go to bed. While I was at the pool I realized that I might want to look at pursuing my email overload solution. I need to create wow-content for my excel site from scratch, the benefit here is that the wow content for this email solution is almost done. Unfortunately, it isn’t a solution people are searching for. It is also not something anyone is terribly interested in sharing. Email overload is an enormous productivity killer, i’m surprised.

Monday afternoon. I’m Mr. Excel Shortcuts; I am now the owner of I finally accepted that this is a brand i want to develop because it meshes well with my background and experience. I thought I could swap out domain names on my bluehost site. I was so wrong! I almost I crashed the site and couldn’t access the wp-admin. So is it’s own site. After all that thought I have two blogs . . . for now. Soon-ish I will migrate the content so there is one site.

Tuesday morning (2am). I thought I finished with Pat Flynn’s backlink strategy, but i guess that isn’t the case.  So I reviewed it again. This has to be my third pass on this post and I’m still pulling new information and taking notes to re-read it again. This is dense solid content. I have one main takeaway with two large to-do items from this last pass.

Content is king, and design is queen. Great, wow level content has to communicate visually. I need html/css pages and posts. Need! Last night I learned how to import a template html page into my wordpress site. I even edited the html directly. Big win. It looks great! Visitors will be able to download my excel shortcuts mindmap. I need to know how to do that within wordpress. I spent some time looking for videos and found nothing.  So, I need to relearn html/css. (1) Design is queen. (2) Learn html/css. It should take me 7 hours at Codecademy.

So, the question is how much time is too much time to dedicate to learning a skill?

How much html can i get away with not learning?


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