Respond In Meekness

Respond In Meekness

The dangerous misconception is to interpret failing to respond as meekness. This is the appearance of piety, the face of righteousness, and too often is financed with resentment. It’s a loan with unfavorable terms.

Don’t confuse “not speaking up for yourself or others” as meekness. You can speak up without fighting & arguing. These are techniques. Reaction is not the only option, you can choose how to respond. Selectivity of technique is not the same as failure to speak up. To confuse them is to literally confuse a thoughtful response with failing to respond.

Looking up the definition of meek was helpful. I prefer the “defined for kids” because it is straightforward, but the third is from Merriam Webster:

1: Putting up with wrongs patiently and without complaint (& resentment): MILD
2: Lacking spirit or self-assurance: HUMBLE
3: Having or showing a quiet and gentle nature: not wanting to fight or argue with other people



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