Notes On Motivation

Business Acumen is one of four Aspects of Leadership. Motivation is a competence of Business Acumen.

Foundations of Motivation:

1. Before anything else, people need physical survival & safety. If you can help someone with their health, wealth, or their kids you are setting a foundation of loyalty and trust. By helping with these foundational needs you free them to pursue higher needs.

2. Need to belong.

3. Need to achieve their full potential. To become the best they can be: autonomy, mastery, and contributing to a larger purpose.

Top 10 Causes of Disengagement:

Engagement is the level of positive attachment employees feel toward their job & org. These are the top contributors to employees becoming dis-attached or unengaged in their roles. 

  1. Feeling Invisible.
  2. Efforts are not measured or recognized.
  3. Work seems irrelevant.
  4. Job or workplace is not as expected.
  5. Job doesn't fit talents or interests.
  6. Little to no feedback or coaching.
  7. No access to professional development.
  8. No viable career path.
  9. Overworked & Stressed out.
  10. Lack of trust or confidence in senior leaders.

Best Practices for Staffing Teams.

  1. Hire people into the right positions.
  2. Match job descriptions to real work expectations.
  3. Provide training & development.
  4. Accurate performance review system.

Best Practices for Building Relationships.

  1. Know your people individually.
  2. Use OOO meetings to support professional dev.
  3. Provide coaching and training.
  4. Look for growth opportunities

Best Practices for Engaging Teams.

  1. Be clear about events and goals.
  2. Communicate the business case for why things are happening.
  3. Express your faith in the team.
  4. Help team identify what support they need.
  5. Celebrate successes, large and small.

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