A Look At the Fundamental Premise of The Book of Mormon Musical

A non-LDS friend of mine has been listening to the Book of Mormon musical on Pandora. That sparked some curiosity this week and I decided to write a reboot of a post I published . . . . a long time ago. #preIPHONE 

The Book of Mormon Musical is about a Mormon missionary called to serve in Uganda. Of course he doesn't know Uganda is in Africa because he is a religious character in American media. In America people of faith are portrayed as one of two stereotypes: (1) uneducated & naive, or (2) bat-shit crazy. In Africa he is forced to confront the harsh realities of life. This experience reveals his religious dogma as insufficient at best.

The premise is that a faith based life is too simple and naive to offer real help for the complex realities of life.​

Curiosity piqued. Just what does the church do in Africa? I looked up some numbers. Just the facts; no song and dance.

Number of Beneficiaries of Humanitarian Aid (2003 - 2010)

Immunizations (with other organizations)42,465,500
Clean Water3,953,601
Vision Care133,709
Neonatal Resuscitation Training53,130
Food Production/Nutrition1,000
Other health initiatives total100
Total beneficiaries46,644,893

Africa Church Statistics

Total Church Membership














I don't know if you have ever seen someone receive a wheelchair for the first time. I've seen a woman drag herself across the dirt floor to climb into her first wheel chair. 

It was transformative. She literally became a person in front of me. And it shames me to admit I couldn't see her until that point.

Looking at the facts, it looks like the church is doing a lot. And judging by the growth from 2010 to now, it looks like the message resonates.

I'm not hating on the musical. I haven't seen it. I'm listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. So far it's been really funny . . . and offensive. But still really funny. You know what they say? The book is always better.


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