A Look At the Fundamental Premise of The Book of Mormon Musical

The Book of Mormon Musical is about a Mormon missionary that is called to minister in Africa. He arrives in Africa and confronts realities of life for which he finds his dogma insufficient at best.

I was interested in the churches role and influence in Africa so i looked up some numbers. Just the facts; no song and dance.

Immunizations (with other organizations) 42,465,500
Clean Water 3,953,601
Vision Care 133,709
Neonatal Resuscitation Training 53,130
Wheelchairs 37,853
Food Production/Nutrition 1,000
Other health initiatives total 100
Total beneficiaries 46,644,893

Africa Church Statistics

Total Church Membership 318,947
Converts (1/1/10 – 9/30/10) 16,198
Stakes and Districts 104
Wards and Branches 961
Missions 18
Temples 3



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rho@assume-wisely.com - August 21, 2015

Thanks. My suggestions? Keep reading.


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