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Guess How Much The Pumpkin Weighs?

guess the weight of a big pumpkin

If you had to guess?

How would you guess the weight of this pumpkin?

James offers a smart estimate based on the height and circumference of the pumpkin. Sean thinks he has an idea based on the load capacity of the truck that’s carrying it. I am tempted to google the answer by finding the pumpkin at a past event. I don’t, but only because I feel pretty confident. I can estimate the weight. I don’t need to guess. The officiator, Ryan, accepts my guess: “the average of all guesses.”

After the submission deadline passes I find out I am not in the winners circle because Ryan forgot to calculate my answer. “Let me add you in.” He says, “But it is going to be high. There were a some really high guesses.” I wait for him to calculate the average.


“oh, Crap.”

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