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Excel Shortcuts to Cut, Copy, Paste, & Paste Values.


Did you know what three Excel shortcuts save the most time?

A: Cut, copy, paste. 

In this video selection Danny Rocks covers scenarios that show the different applications of the shortcuts:

[copy (ctrl + c)]          [cut (ctrl + x)]          [paste (ctrl + v)] 



Lynda offers some insightful alternatives to using copy, cut, & paste to move data around.

If you are looking to move data around Lynda offers uncommon wisdom in this video selection. Basically, you can drag selected data by grabbing the boarder while holding down the shift key or selecting using the right mouse button.

And the video goes on to elaborate the application for cells containing formulas.


I still prefer the excel shortcuts (cut, copy, paste) to dragging the data with a mouse.

At the end of the day, shortcuts are faster. I prefer to keep my hands on my keyboard. Especially when I am not at my desk and a mouse isn’t handy because track-pads are even slower. Also, the shortcut to paste values is pretty impressive for anyone that might be looking over your shoulder: [Alt, H, V, V].


Did you know there are only a handful of tools that differentiate an excel expert from an intermediate user?

Yesterday my good friend said, “Anytime someone says they are an excel expert I know they don’t know anything.” I know where he is coming from. I have the same bias. As I learn a new tool in Excel I realize how much more there is to learn. But you don’t have to know how to use every tool to be an expert. When it comes to Excel, it really is possible to become an expert in a short amount of time because there are only about a half dozen areas where people get stuck, bottlenecks. Manipulating data is one area where cut, copy, and paste is just a portion. If you would like to access my (Rho Lall’s) full mind-map,  Become An Excel Expert, it covers all five areas. Just follow this link to my become an excel expert mind-map.