Monthly Archives: September 2014

Working 85 hours a week is not productive, it’s a symptom.

l feel really good: my mind feels stretched, my capacity feels stretched, like i just finished a breakthrough workout. I came out of a training and for a few weeks now i’ve wanted to just sit down and have a really good Weekly Review right after this particular training because my mind is racing, i am feeling really creative, and ultimately I want to start applying the tools i’ve been learning. Over the last few weeks when looking at the margins, i have only applied the most rudimentary planning in favor of completing work.


Today, at the end of a short week, i am feeling the pressure of a shorter week.  I have items that need to get done. Some are rather large. However, I need to invest the time in communicating. There are a few takeaways that i want to remember here:


Working 85 hours weeks is a symptom of:

  • poor planning
  • poor communication
  • poor stakeholder management
  • period.


The cure is appropriate planning, tempered by marginal analysis of the trade off between planning and execution; ering on over-communication with a clear communication plan, & excellent stakeholder management.
Looking at my Asana, it looks like i havn’t done a full Weekly Review since 8/10.  That is almost a month. I’ve been more productive in this last month. I feel like I have been a lot more productive but, it has been at the expense of visibility, even my own. I don’t remember what all i did. I need a way to automate parts of my communication process.