"Facts are stubborn, but
                    statistics are more pliable."


If you're 10 minutes into a game
    & you don't know who the patsy is,

         it's you.      

 So how                             

statistically literate     

are you?                   



What's You Level of Statistical Savvy Survey


I'm Rho. I help leaders influence lives: at work, at home, and on the go.

Influence is often day traded on talking points, soundbites, & tweets. I don't day trade influence, instead I invest in knowledge because measured thinking, analysis, and a-ha moments appreciate in value.

I'm a lateral thinker. I connect dots that are really far apart. My synapses have long arcs. Remember Micheal Jordan dunking from the foul line? That's what happens in my brain. I can take an idea from the foul line to the hole, one arc.

I'm not a fan of big-box thinking; one size doesn't fit all. Through Excel magic, data science, and econometric pyrotechnics I tailor raw data into insight & knowledge.

What do I invest in?  Watch the video to find out (Coming Soon).

data driven decision making 02


I have a variety of interests and areas of expertise. I’m not gloating, I’m confessing. It can be hard  to focus on just one … check out the 4 options below on how to get started. Or click here to find out more about all the ways we can work together.


A lot can happen in an internet minute. I’m committed to sharing what’s working now and how to cut through the hype and do what matters.



"Rho always provided valuable insight & constructive feedback. He's a great teammate: eager to learn, well organized, knowledgeable, & strives for the best in what he does." ~ Matt


" Rho goes above and beyond in obtaining industry research which really helps gain a better perspective on the investment opportunity. Rho expresses a great deal of passion which is a great attribute for any team." ~ David


"My clients call me the idea man. I count on Rho for fresh perspectives that I just don't find anywhere else." ~ Dane


"Rho continues to challenge the status quo and has since day one. I appreciate the insight he brings to new and old problems. " ~ Mark

The traditional model of our decision making process is eroding away
. . . or it was never really true.

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